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Shoreline Christian School
1185 Durham Road
Madison, CT 06443
(203) 421-4626
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Mission Statement

The mission of Shoreline Christian School is to educate children spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally and physically in partnership with the parents to achieve the goal of academic excellence and spiritual maturity. Our goal is to provide an academic environment that encourages each child's creativity and invites them to explore the physical and spiritual world in which they live. We are committed to accomplishing this in a nurturing community of teaching professionals working together with the parents.

Philosophy Statement

Shoreline Christian School exists to prepare children to live as Christians and glorify God within the culture of their world. Undergirding our curriculum is a theological foundation based on the Word of God. The learning of all subjects is seen as a sacred discipline -- even an obligation. All truth being God's truth, evaluation and analysis of all subject matter is a continued revelation of our Creator. Because we seek to educate the whole child, we emphasize the connection between mind and soul; knowledge must be accompanied with a Biblical system of ethics. Faith is brought into the reasoning process so that all subjects can be brought together into a coherent harmony.