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Shoreline Christian School
1185 Durham Road
Madison, CT 06443
(203) 421-4626
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The SCS classroom is characterized by structure and discipline woven with kindness and harmony. Each teacher is a qualified Christian educator chosen for his or her genuine love for children, teaching ability, academic qualification, and spiritual maturity. Teachers, by their example and words, encourage their students to learn about and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and to develop a relationship with Him.

Iowa Tests of Basic Skills are given each year to provide teachers and parents with an idea of how well our curriculum is meeting the overall needs of our students. Our studentsí scores, when averaged and compared with schools around the nation, consistently rank in the top ten percent. While we do not place overwhelming emphasis on standardized test scores, we do feel confident that our students are working hard and that the curriculum is solid.

Students are taught self-discipline and respect for one another, for those in authority, and for personal property. Both Christian and secular materials are used; each carefully selected for its specific purpose and overall quality.

We believe that God has created each child uniquely, with special gifts and talents as well as specific learning differences. Applications of children with special learning needs will be considered.

Learning is exciting at SCS

Here are a few reasons why:

  • All students enjoy weekly library gym, music and art programs.
  • Annual SCS festivals in creative writing, art, math and speech let students showcase their talents. Students may also compete in Association for Christian Schools International ACSI regional festivals.
  • Field trips are taken to places like: The Guilford Fair, Bishopís Orchardís, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, Yale Art Gallery, Connecticut State Capitol and theater productions. Students perform in regular SCS musicals and other productions, as well as instrumental recitals.
  • A fun-filled field day is held annually.

The Kindergarten program at SCS combines the warm, nurturing environment of home with structure and training, thus preparing students for more formal instruction. SCS believes that children should enter the Kindergarten program when they are developmentally ready. Kindergarten students are offered programs in Bible, math, reading, manuscript writing, library, art, music, and physical education.

Grades 1-6
Strong emphasis is placed on studying God's Word, on the basic skill areas of phonics, reading, spelling, writing, language and mathematics, and on the specialized areas of social studies, science, library, music, art, French and physical education. Intentions are to challenge the thought processes of each student at his or her own level while focusing on skill development and mastery.

Basic Bible is taught daily through a formal Bible curriculum and is applied throughout the school setting using various materials and activities. Scripture memorization is an important component of our program.

By employing the use of traditional phonics materials, textbooks, and workbooks supplemented with other resources, a strong emphasis is placed on word recognition, vocabulary development, comprehension, and word study skills. An appreciation for children's literature is encouraged through silent and oral reading of a variety of carefully chosen short stories and novels.

The English program focuses on grammar, manuscript and cursive writing. Various composing and editing techniques are taught in the early grades. The materials are attractive and designed to build confidence and success.

Daily attention is given to spelling skills through the study of basic word lists and the use of dictionaries and other self-checking tools. The program is designed to teach the children to master spelling of words using visual, auditory, and kinesthetic practice.

Concept development, computational skills, and mathematical applications are taught daily. When appropriate, children are provided with hands-on materials to aid in the transfer of concepts from the concrete to the abstract. Teachers strive to make arithmetic a positive, success-oriented experience and continuous maintenance of skills is provided through spiral review.

Science is an experiential program focusing on earth science, physical science, and life science. Children are taught to investigate, gather, record and analyze data in an organized fashion.

Social Studies/History
Students study family life, communities, the State of Connecticut, and the geography and history of the United States and other nations. Themes of patriotism and God's guidance in the founding of our country are central to each program.

Public speaking is encouraged in the classroom setting, school assemblies and public programs. Children learn to express themselves with confidence through participation in school dramas, chapel programs and speech meets.

The library program fosters the love of reading and books. Students encounter a wide variety of literature in weekly library classes, which also teach library citizenship and library skills.

Regular classes are offered in basic theory, singing, and music history, including the study of various composers. An emphasis is placed on music appreciation and the discovery of the numberous instruments and the tones of each.

The SCS music curriculum offers the students a hands-on look at orchestral instruments. We encourage students to study an instrument privately at the earliest age possible. When the children are ready, they are asked to participate in one of the SCS instrumental small group ensembles conducted by one of our music teachers.

The art program combines skill development with creative expression and is taught as a separate entity as well as incorporated into other subjects.

Physical Education
SCS provides its students with an enjoyable program aimed at personal fitness, skill development and game participation with an emphasis on sportsmanship.

French (Grades 1-6)
Conversational French is introduced in grades 1-6. Students are encouraged to respond with the correct accent and expression. More academic studies begin in intermediate grades.

Educational Resources Department
The goal of the Educational Resources Department is to assist each child in reaching his full potential by taking advantage of his particular learning style and strengths. The team of the Educational Resources teacher, the parents, and the classroom teacher works together to provide each student with a rich and complete program. Learning style evaluations are performed when appropriate and consultation between team members is on-going. An Educational and Family Resource Library is available for all families and friends of Shoreline Christian School with a variety of helpful books, cassette tapes, and video tapes.