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Shoreline Christian School
1185 Durham Road
Madison, CT 06443
(203) 421-4626
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Welcome to the Shoreline Christian School Store. We've tried to identify stores that might be of interest to anyone visiting our site. However, if you find anything on any of these sites that offends you please let us know by mailing

The added bonus is that for each product purchased through our links we get a commission! That means more money for the school! Please remember to come back to this store when you're thinking of purchasing a product. You'll be helping SCS become a better place for our kids!

A TrinityZone Associate Partner

SCS is proud to partner with TrinityZone, America's largest internet Christian bookstore. If you have a need for spiritual readings, music or software, be sure to check out TrinityZone. Any purchases through this link will earn 5% for the school.

In Association with As a partner with Amazon, we'll receive a 5% commission for SCS. It's a great place to browse and see reviews of books posted by other readers. They have great discounts too! Gift Certificates Do you need a gift for someone but you're not sure what to buy? provides gift certificates to a HUGE number of stores both online and offline. They will send the gift certificate to you or the recipient and include a card if you desire. Be sure to check out the wide selection of stores and the search tools to help you pinpoint the right place to buy your certificate. We make $3.00 per purchase!

eToys has a wide variety of products for children. Purchase your child's favorite toys and eToys will contribute $5 for every new customer and up to 12.5% to the school. What a deal!!

Funny name for a sports store, right? If you need sports supplies but don't have time to travel all over Connecticut to find it, try FogDog Sports. SCS earns 10% on every sale!

BabyCenter is perfect for the new or expectant mother and father. You can buy things for your family or come up with a great shower gift! There is also a great wealth of information for all new parents. SCS gets 15% of every sale!!

Kid's FilmsI love this place! It has a huge selection of videos at great prices. Be sure to consider the beloved and amusing VeggieTales! They'll have you and your kids laughing out loud while your getting an inspirational message. Here are the Top Kids' Films. We earn 8% on every purchase!

PC Zone Links PC Zone and its companion MAC Zone Links should be able to meet all your hardware and software needs. We earn 3% on every purchase!

Simon will help you compare prices at a huge number of e-commerce sites. Looking for a product? Have Simon search for the best place to buy it. SCS receives eight cents every time you click this link!

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